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Istanbul Bosphorus

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Istanbul is the only city in the world that is established on two continents. It is situated between the 48. north latitude and 28. east longitude.

The city consists of three parts in general; On the European side, the Historic Peninsula to the south of the Golden Horn and the Galata District to the north, and the New City on the Asian side. The European side of the city is a trade and business center, whereas the Asian side is more of a residential area.

Istanbul is established on the both sides of the Bosphorus which connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara and separates
Asia and Europe. The 7 km. long narrow inlet, named Golden Horn, divides the European side of the city into two sections.
Because of its location between Asia and Europe,
Istanbul has always had a great geopolitical importance.

Today, Istanbul is still a political and commercial center for the Balkan and Middle Eastern Countries and the Turkic Republics
of Central Asia. The settlement, known as Byzantium after its founder, took the name Constantinople, the city of Emperor Constantine', during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. It was then known as Istanbul after the conquest of the Ottomans, and became one of the biggest and the most crowded city of Europe. The city is spread over an area of 7.500 km2, 150 km. long and 50 km. wide.

Although its population is not accurately known, it is estimated to be 12 to 15 million. Because of the continuous immigration from the rural areas, the city grows rapidly and the population increases around half a million every year. Each year, 1.000 new streets are constructed within the city, and brand new settlements rise on the east west axis

The population of the city, with a %5 annual increase, doubles in every 12 years. One out of every five citizens, is living in Istanbul. Around 2 million tourists visit Istanbul every year, and admire the historical and natural beauties of the city. Istanbul, where East and West, Asia and Europe meets, is a world city that different cultures and religions create the most harmonious synthesis. With particular consideration of historical monuments and cultural richness, Istanbul may only be compared to Rome, which carries so many similar characteristics. In Rome and in Istanbul, which was the capital for both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, administrators and governors constructed the greatest religious and civil structures, and decorated their capital cities with the most beautiful works of the famous architects.

The Bosphorus is unparalleled for its natural beauties such as the Golden Horn and the Islands. Its moderate climate, active night life, lovely people, and the excellent Turkish Cuisine are some of the other factors, which make Istanbul an attractive destination for foreigners. A foreigner wishing to know Istanbul closely should spend at least a week in this beautiful city. 337) it was burned down during a revolt.

St. Sophia ( Hagia Sophia ) Dolmabahce Palace Archeological Museum
Blue Mosque ( Mavi Camii ) Basilica Cistern Beyoglu
Topkapi Palace Chora Church Mosaic Musuem
Hippodrome Airport Princess Islands
Bosphorus Rumeli Fortress Bursa
Grand Bazaar Beylerbeyi Palace Important Phones
Galata Tower Maidens Tower Shopping
Suleymaniye Mosque Golden Horn Consulate
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